Marketing Books Using Mailerlite and Bookfunnel – My Results

Hello everyone! I am working on learning how to market better. I have a newsletter that has a little over 13,000 subscribers. This was the first campaign I sent to them.

I decided to do a buy one get one free sale for anyone who wanted to do it.

I broke it up into two sales. Buy the second in my Zombified series and get the first book free when you emailed back proof of purchase. The second was buy my romance Heady Velvet and get Next to Me for free when emailing proof of purchase.

I was excited because I signed up for Bookfunnel to help with the giveaways. It’s $20 a year for one pen name as many books as you want and up to 500 downloads. It’s great they can go in and get an epub or a mobi and it’s emailed right to them!

This was my first campaign with Mailerlite after getting approved for 15,000 subscribers. I was very excited about what I could do with it. I’ve posted my results below! Feel free to ask any questions.

BOGO Results
Date sent – 6/27/16


The Zombie BOGO

Run 1 – 935 people
110 people unsubbed
17 people went to amazon
1 person visited website

34.56% open rate
13.15% clicked rate
0% spam complaints

Run 2 – 1874 people
78 people unsubbed
23 people went to amazon
2 people visited website

27.80% open rate
5.26% clicked rate
0% spam complaints

Run 3 – 2809 people
162 people unsubbed
42 went to amazon
3 went to the website


The Romance BOGO

Run 1 – 5618 people
158 people unsubbed
236 people went to amazon
0 went to the website

26.69% open rate
6.06% clicked rate
.11% (6) spam complaints

Run 2 – 2809 people
77 people unsubbed
136 went to amazon
0 went to the website

30.33% open rate
6.55% clicked rate
0% spam complaints

What did all this result in?
5 sales of the Romance Book
2 sales of the Zombie Book

Some good things to know about MailerLite

If someone marks you as spam, it doesn’t take them off your list. You’ll need to click on the spam complaints and go in to manually delete each email that marked you as spam.

Some good things to know about BookFunnel.

You don’t have a login for BookFunnel. You’ll put your email in and it will send a log-in link to your email.

My next venture is to do one of the BOGO giveaways on pinterest and work with a promoted pin. I have switched my pinterest to a business account, so I’m interested to see how that works out!

Thanks for reading!