Today’s Side Hustle is Brought to You by Tears in my Chicken Salad and M Coins


I sat down on my lunch break as I ate my fajita chicken salad and looked at my budget. I added up the money I needed to make a month to pay all bills on time and still be okay for food and stuff. Imagine my surprise, I don’t make enough to cover it.

This was the reason for the tear drops in my chicken salad. How can I not make enough to pay my bills? I pay them. You know how, with the side hustles. If I didn’t have my side hustles I wouldn’t make it. That’s with a full time job, why did I go to college?

After I wept I got busy looking for work of course. I need at least an  additional $600 a month in order to make it. So, I have a plan to make that monthly. Remember the blog is called from pennies to thousands. We’re still in the pennies my friends.

tumblr_n4ysfjvuh81t3hbhyo1_500Actually are those pennies, are those doubloons? That’s a thing right? A pirate thing. I digress. So here’s the side hustle of the day. Making M COINS.

M Coins are little magical coins you earn from playing apps through Applike. You can trade them in for Paypal money!

Step one – get on your phone and click my link to join. Why join with me because anytime either of us cash out we both get coins, and you know I’m going to cash out. Install the app here and you will receive 4444 coins as an initial credit.

I started playing slots and cradle of empires on the 14th of Feb. and I’m almost to $20.00 without letting it run all the time.

Until next cry,



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