Chasing the Bit – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

Oh man, it’s been a while. I blinked and five months passed. Yes, my baby is five months old now and just starting to let me do some stuff.

I have three ghostwriting projects due that I am struggling to get done, so I am still working the UPWORK scene and getting work that way. Total this month around $600.00.


So the new shiny thing that caught my attention is Bitcoin. One sad thing about this is when I first started working online I was paid in Bitcoin by someone. I had like four which would be worth over 5000 today. Can I find them? NO!

Which brings me to looking into ways to get a bitcoin.

Litecoin and Dogecoin aren’t worth much right now, but I’m collecting them as well.

Why am I doing this?


Magic! No, it’s because one day maybe it will all be worth something. There are a couple ways I am collecting Satoshi which is one billionth of a BITCOIN. Yes, that little.

Games on my phone, bitcoin faucets on my phone, and faucets on the computer.

What are faucets? They are places with lots of advertisements that give you free satoshi. Like I said, you aren’t going to make it to a bitcoin anytime soon, but think if you’d started three years ago. That’s how I’m looking at it.

So here are some of the best FAUCETS








Moon Bitcoin – CLICK Here

You can claim every five minutes.

These are apps I have.

Free Bitcoin Maker


This one allows you to play a block building game to get Satoshi.


Also the Latoshi which is a billionth of a Litecoin. This fills up a lot faster, so the hope is it will follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin and be worth a lot more by the time I have one.



So I will follow this up with another Chasing the Bit post to let you know how many I get within a week, what it’s worth etc. If you have any questions message me on my facebook page From Pennies to Thousands and have a great day!