Productivity and Winning at Life

I just thought a positive title to this blog post would be good. I’ve been so tired, but I’m just writing like crazy. Blogging, books, ghost writing, articles about dentists and cars, plus I’m planning with my DIY bullet journal. Am I closer to making thousands yes and no. Yes because I have two $500.00 ghostwrites to finish today and no because half of that goes to my HOA and the rest car payment etc. So while I am making money, I’m nowhere near the income I want.

That being said I just keep fighting the good fight and writing every single chance I can. I’m going to start a habit tracker today in my Bullet Journal. I’m pretty excited about it!

Here it is!


You see the things I am tracking are random but necessary.

This is just one of many steps in becoming more organized and process driven. We’ll see how it goes. Once I finish these two ghostwrites I’m going hard on Spacetress until it’s done along with the multi-author projects I need to get done.

A busy week for a busy lady, how are your aspirations going this week? Anything to share for the good of the group?




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