Writing While Pregnant

Writing while I’ve been pregnant has been interesting. There are days I have to force my brain to focus and come up with the next line. There are days when I type a few words just to pass out, and then do the same thing over and over. Yesterday I took off all day to write and only got about 7 k in. That’s half what I used to do in a day.

I’m working on several ghostwrites at once and that helps with the creativity because once I get stumped I simply move on to something else, but my personal writing, the writing for my own novels has taken a hit. Part of that is because I’m focused on writing for money for baby things. Part of that is because the ghostwrites already have outlines and deadlines.


No matter what I have to keep going for money and for my creative sanity. I know when little miss gets here it’s going to be harder to write and I’d like to have at least one best selling series. The title of this blog is from pennies to thousands and I’m still on pennies.


If I didn’t have to work full time, I could make a lot more money. There’s irony in that sentence.

Thanks for reading,