Some Time Has Passed

Okay after all those indies and the crying I’ve made it to my second trimester! Yay! I can take Zoloft again!


That being said writing has gone so-so. I have about $1200 in ghostwriting projects to finish by the middle of May. That is going to take up a decent amount of my writing time, but I really want to get some traction on my new novel Chosen as well. I’ve devised a plan to write on the ghostwriting at night only and Chosen in the morning and lunch break. I’m not sure how easy this will be to stick to, but I really want to try.

It’s hard whoring your words for money, but ghostwriting can be very lucrative and right now diaper money is all I’m thinking about.

However the playlist I have going constantly is for Chosen, so I’m always thinking about it.


So I’ll get it done.

Until next time.


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