When You Hate Your Novel

I’m not sure how many people actually finish writing their novel and hate it. I truly feel like the more time I spend with my book the more I hate it. The words start to look like they don’t make sense, the dialogue sucks, and the plot does too. I just have to let it go and I talked about this in our last Podcast. I simply have to let my manuscript go to my editor and just stop stressing.

If I didn’t I’d have to live in my closet and obsess over it.

Brooklyn99Insider-Gina-Peretti-My Home Now

When I finished Next to Me I hated it. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and have soul-crushing minutes where I hate everything and then I’m good. Maybe it’s because it was garbage. No, the real reason is because I spent too much time with it. I was too close to it. Stephen King’s idea that you should put your manuscript in a drawer and not think about it for two weeks is a good plan. I know that it was just haunt me though, so I’ve never been able to do that.

Brooklyn99Insider-Gina-Peretti-Im Gonna Haunt Your Dreams

Okay it’s not a miscarriage of justice. I’ve just been binge watching Brooklyn 99 and loving it. I needed a little break after finishing that novel. During that break I plotted a new novel I didn’t even know I was going to write on top of Spacetress! It’s just going to be a busy time.

I also applied for two more ghostwriting jobs because why not? I also started a group multi-author paranormal novella project where we all write in the same world. So as usual my little pennies-to-thousands brain is turning and giving myself more crap to do!


So once I finish season 3 of Brooklyn 99 I’ll be ready to dive back into working. Yes, I did watch the whole series in the span of 3 days, but I told you I needed a break!

i regret nothing friends gif

So what have we learned from this post?

  1. I love gifs
  2. It’s okay to hate your manuscript
  3. Putting it away so you can look at it with fresh eyes is a good idea for everyone.
  4. Brooklyn 99 is the best show on Hulu right now.

Thank you for reading!


Ghostwriting for Pennies and Info Post

Today I got into a fight with one of my employers. I was writing supplement articles for him and the price wasn’t that great, but it was bulk so if I finished them all it still meant a lot of money. He was one of these that was constantly messaging to see where I was, how many I’d done, when they would be done, and it was hard to deal with. One rude message to me after I’d worked for hours on his stupid articles was all it took, and I lost my shit. I did, I’m not necessarily proud of cussing him out, but I stood up for myself.


So, that happened and I quit. No more pennies for my words. I whore enough of them out with ghostwriting in which I write most of the stories I do for a cent a word. So then by that logic I can’t say no more pennies for words but no more boring articles for measly money.

I’m pregnant now with my first child and I’ve been at this self-publishing and ghostwriting freelance thing for six years now. Something has to give. The first step in my journey to making money off my writing is creating this blog.


So now that that is checked off I can tell you some things about me, and some things I need to do. Being pregnant and knowing that the clock is ticking where I can take control of my destiny makes it really fucking urgent that I do things. Seven months from now a tiny human will occupy a lot if not all of my time. So let’s go over the things I’m doing right now so we can find how to continue to do them, or downsize them.

I have too many blogs, I have this one, a review for books blog, a blog where I post blitzes and interviews with authors, a horror blog, a blog specifically for my zombie series, a lifestyle and writing blog and I think that’s it, but that’s still a lot.

I’m sending my resume in as we speak to be an unpaid intern reading the slush pile for a larger publisher. A friend of mine works there and suggested it.

I have a Youtube channel for writing shit.

I have a Podcast with my good friend K.N. Lee called the Write Asylum.

I have a book coming out on the 22nd in desperate need of editing.

I’m writing a three part space opera, full novels.

I have four ghostwriting assignments, two with a high word count.

I’m writing a novella and three novels in a secret romance project.

I’m currently in a Paranormal Romance anthology I have to promote and make all the HTML for.

I have two multi-author projects coming up really soon.

Kenya and I want to do a boxed set for charity.

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But I did quit the one article job and I backed out of an anthology I knew I wouldn’t have time for. So looking at all the things I have going on and knowing I have seven months to become more consistent, goal-oriented, and successful there’s only a tiny bit of pressure. Thank you for coming along this journey with me. It should be a lot of fun.



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