Following the Bit

So it is May 23rd, 2017 and I am watching Bitcoin.

I purchased $20 from xcoins. After fees, I now have a balance of $19.78 in there. The BTC RATE at the moment is 1 BTC = $2247.65.

It could go up or go down. I’ll track the month on this post and then start a new one in June documenting if I withdraw or invest in something with the money provided it goes up any.

So after this post, I transferred all the Bitcoin to a different wallet to join Bitcoin Brains because it’s supposed to help you gain passive income. I didn’t have enough because one 10 dollar buy didn’t go through so I bought 20 dollars more and left a bit in that xcoins account.

Now I have $9.72 and the rate is 1 BTC = $2337.81

Okay so today at 9 AM May 24th I have $10.05 with 1 BTC being $2417.93

May 25th – 10 AM – $11.40 1BTC = $2742.49

May 26th – 10 AM – $10.11 1 BTC = $2432.08

I missed yesterday, but it went down to around 2 k.

May 28th – 2 PM – $9.02 1 BTC = $2170.42

May 29th – 12:45 PM – $9.46 1 BTC = $2292.50

May 30th – 10:41 AM – $9.34 1 BTC = $2247.60

So as you can see May was a fairly stable month for Bitcoin. It didn’t go up really high, but it didn’t drop down really low, at least in this part of May. Tomorrow will be the last day and then we’re off to June.

Here we are at the last day of May

May 31st – 11:08 AM – $9.47 = $2278.26

We shall see what June brings for Bitcoin.

Note – I know I’m not going to make money simply having $9 in here. I have another wallet with more Bitcoin, this is simply to track its rise and fall daily.

It’s exciting, isn’t it?



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A Weekend of Making Money

How much money can one make in a weekend when they join everything and do everything they can to get there?

I have my one gig – a ghostwriting job that will pay $200 by next week as long as I finish it this weekend. So that’s the starting amount.

In addition, I’m going to be signing up, researching, and finding every single way to make money either immediately or over time. The goal is to do this without spending anything. Spending money to make money would be DUMB.

I will update this post each time I make money or join something in which I will make money at a future date.

I can revisit it in a month to see if the things I do this weekend starting on May 12th pays off in a week. Follow along if you dare. 🙂

So first I joined Clixsense which will allow me to make .04 a day. This adds up to $14.60 for the year. SO on May 12th 2018 I’ll have $14.60. There are other ways to make money though. A giveaway, tasks, and surveys so we’ll see. So far I have made .06 🙂

I can’t remember to Clix every day.

Next, I joined UserTesting, I have to take the test later.

I will update the following things I joined here shortly.





Bitcoins Brains



A Day of Deleting Blogs

But why? Why would you delete any blogs?


Because I counted the number of blogs I’ve started with the intention of keeping them going and stopped when I arrived at twenty.

I have two blogs I think I’ll save because I’m trying to get better at growing as a blogger. This one where I follow all my trials as a girl trying to make money online and the Emily Just Write It one where I attempt to help others who want to write.

“Downsizing is the key to success.” I made that up – Emily

The rest I have to say goodbye to. If I was a smart girl, I’d say goodbye to one of these as well and just focus on one, but I can’t do it, plus I already own the domains.

I’ve been doing a ton of research and have found a lot of blogs and bloggers who blog about and run courses about blogging.

Still with me?

I know that’s confusing. I mean they tell you they have made x amount with their blog, but all you can find is the blog is about how to make money blogging and they’ve made money from courses teaching it.

Where’s the blog?

Where is the blog that actually made them the money?

That’s what I want to know. So I have this blog From Pennies to Thousands which you are currently reading where I will talk about my actually blog which may or may not make money.

One thing I have to do now that I’ve narrowed it down to these two is get rid of posts that aren’t relevant.

Yes, that does mean I will get rid of the post about indie movies that made me cry. It will be okay though, because there will be a lot more great content to come.Not to say you won’t still see my shining personality coming through in my posts.

I haven’t chosen a gif for this post yet, I don’t know if it should be someone sobbing as they delete things, or something happier.(update Dave Chappelle is perfect for it)

This is a good thing, getting serious about blogging. I want my blog to be successful and maybe even bring in some income.

Today’s Side Hustle is Brought to You by Tears in my Chicken Salad and M Coins


I sat down on my lunch break as I ate my fajita chicken salad and looked at my budget. I added up the money I needed to make a month to pay all bills on time and still be okay for food and stuff. Imagine my surprise, I don’t make enough to cover it.

This was the reason for the tear drops in my chicken salad. How can I not make enough to pay my bills? I pay them. You know how, with the side hustles. If I didn’t have my side hustles I wouldn’t make it. That’s with a full time job, why did I go to college?

After I wept I got busy looking for work of course. I need at least an  additional $600 a month in order to make it. So, I have a plan to make that monthly. Remember the blog is called from pennies to thousands. We’re still in the pennies my friends.

tumblr_n4ysfjvuh81t3hbhyo1_500Actually are those pennies, are those doubloons? That’s a thing right? A pirate thing. I digress. So here’s the side hustle of the day. Making M COINS.

M Coins are little magical coins you earn from playing apps through Applike. You can trade them in for Paypal money!

Step one – get on your phone and click my link to join. Why join with me because anytime either of us cash out we both get coins, and you know I’m going to cash out. Install the app here and you will receive 4444 coins as an initial credit.

I started playing slots and cradle of empires on the 14th of Feb. and I’m almost to $20.00 without letting it run all the time.

Until next cry,



Chasing the Bit – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

Oh man, it’s been a while. I blinked and five months passed. Yes, my baby is five months old now and just starting to let me do some stuff.

I have three ghostwriting projects due that I am struggling to get done, so I am still working the UPWORK scene and getting work that way. Total this month around $600.00.


So the new shiny thing that caught my attention is Bitcoin. One sad thing about this is when I first started working online I was paid in Bitcoin by someone. I had like four which would be worth over 5000 today. Can I find them? NO!

Which brings me to looking into ways to get a bitcoin.

Litecoin and Dogecoin aren’t worth much right now, but I’m collecting them as well.

Why am I doing this?


Magic! No, it’s because one day maybe it will all be worth something. There are a couple ways I am collecting Satoshi which is one billionth of a BITCOIN. Yes, that little.

Games on my phone, bitcoin faucets on my phone, and faucets on the computer.

What are faucets? They are places with lots of advertisements that give you free satoshi. Like I said, you aren’t going to make it to a bitcoin anytime soon, but think if you’d started three years ago. That’s how I’m looking at it.

So here are some of the best FAUCETS








Moon Bitcoin – CLICK Here

You can claim every five minutes.

These are apps I have.

Free Bitcoin Maker


This one allows you to play a block building game to get Satoshi.


Also the Latoshi which is a billionth of a Litecoin. This fills up a lot faster, so the hope is it will follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin and be worth a lot more by the time I have one.



So I will follow this up with another Chasing the Bit post to let you know how many I get within a week, what it’s worth etc. If you have any questions message me on my facebook page From Pennies to Thousands and have a great day!




Marketing Books Using Mailerlite and Bookfunnel – My Results

Hello everyone! I am working on learning how to market better. I have a newsletter that has a little over 13,000 subscribers. This was the first campaign I sent to them.

I decided to do a buy one get one free sale for anyone who wanted to do it.

I broke it up into two sales. Buy the second in my Zombified series and get the first book free when you emailed back proof of purchase. The second was buy my romance Heady Velvet and get Next to Me for free when emailing proof of purchase.

I was excited because I signed up for Bookfunnel to help with the giveaways. It’s $20 a year for one pen name as many books as you want and up to 500 downloads. It’s great they can go in and get an epub or a mobi and it’s emailed right to them!

This was my first campaign with Mailerlite after getting approved for 15,000 subscribers. I was very excited about what I could do with it. I’ve posted my results below! Feel free to ask any questions.

BOGO Results
Date sent – 6/27/16


The Zombie BOGO

Run 1 – 935 people
110 people unsubbed
17 people went to amazon
1 person visited website

34.56% open rate
13.15% clicked rate
0% spam complaints

Run 2 – 1874 people
78 people unsubbed
23 people went to amazon
2 people visited website

27.80% open rate
5.26% clicked rate
0% spam complaints

Run 3 – 2809 people
162 people unsubbed
42 went to amazon
3 went to the website


The Romance BOGO

Run 1 – 5618 people
158 people unsubbed
236 people went to amazon
0 went to the website

26.69% open rate
6.06% clicked rate
.11% (6) spam complaints

Run 2 – 2809 people
77 people unsubbed
136 went to amazon
0 went to the website

30.33% open rate
6.55% clicked rate
0% spam complaints

What did all this result in?
5 sales of the Romance Book
2 sales of the Zombie Book

Some good things to know about MailerLite

If someone marks you as spam, it doesn’t take them off your list. You’ll need to click on the spam complaints and go in to manually delete each email that marked you as spam.

Some good things to know about BookFunnel.

You don’t have a login for BookFunnel. You’ll put your email in and it will send a log-in link to your email.

My next venture is to do one of the BOGO giveaways on pinterest and work with a promoted pin. I have switched my pinterest to a business account, so I’m interested to see how that works out!

Thanks for reading!

Productivity and Winning at Life

I just thought a positive title to this blog post would be good. I’ve been so tired, but I’m just writing like crazy. Blogging, books, ghost writing, articles about dentists and cars, plus I’m planning with my DIY bullet journal. Am I closer to making thousands yes and no. Yes because I have two $500.00 ghostwrites to finish today and no because half of that goes to my HOA and the rest car payment etc. So while I am making money, I’m nowhere near the income I want.

That being said I just keep fighting the good fight and writing every single chance I can. I’m going to start a habit tracker today in my Bullet Journal. I’m pretty excited about it!

Here it is!


You see the things I am tracking are random but necessary.

This is just one of many steps in becoming more organized and process driven. We’ll see how it goes. Once I finish these two ghostwrites I’m going hard on Spacetress until it’s done along with the multi-author projects I need to get done.

A busy week for a busy lady, how are your aspirations going this week? Anything to share for the good of the group?




Writing While Pregnant

Writing while I’ve been pregnant has been interesting. There are days I have to force my brain to focus and come up with the next line. There are days when I type a few words just to pass out, and then do the same thing over and over. Yesterday I took off all day to write and only got about 7 k in. That’s half what I used to do in a day.

I’m working on several ghostwrites at once and that helps with the creativity because once I get stumped I simply move on to something else, but my personal writing, the writing for my own novels has taken a hit. Part of that is because I’m focused on writing for money for baby things. Part of that is because the ghostwrites already have outlines and deadlines.


No matter what I have to keep going for money and for my creative sanity. I know when little miss gets here it’s going to be harder to write and I’d like to have at least one best selling series. The title of this blog is from pennies to thousands and I’m still on pennies.


If I didn’t have to work full time, I could make a lot more money. There’s irony in that sentence.

Thanks for reading,




Some Time Has Passed

Okay after all those indies and the crying I’ve made it to my second trimester! Yay! I can take Zoloft again!


That being said writing has gone so-so. I have about $1200 in ghostwriting projects to finish by the middle of May. That is going to take up a decent amount of my writing time, but I really want to get some traction on my new novel Chosen as well. I’ve devised a plan to write on the ghostwriting at night only and Chosen in the morning and lunch break. I’m not sure how easy this will be to stick to, but I really want to try.

It’s hard whoring your words for money, but ghostwriting can be very lucrative and right now diaper money is all I’m thinking about.

However the playlist I have going constantly is for Chosen, so I’m always thinking about it.


So I’ll get it done.

Until next time.


When You Hate Your Novel

I’m not sure how many people actually finish writing their novel and hate it. I truly feel like the more time I spend with my book the more I hate it. The words start to look like they don’t make sense, the dialogue sucks, and the plot does too. I just have to let it go and I talked about this in our last Podcast. I simply have to let my manuscript go to my editor and just stop stressing.

If I didn’t I’d have to live in my closet and obsess over it.

Brooklyn99Insider-Gina-Peretti-My Home Now

When I finished Next to Me I hated it. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and have soul-crushing minutes where I hate everything and then I’m good. Maybe it’s because it was garbage. No, the real reason is because I spent too much time with it. I was too close to it. Stephen King’s idea that you should put your manuscript in a drawer and not think about it for two weeks is a good plan. I know that it was just haunt me though, so I’ve never been able to do that.

Brooklyn99Insider-Gina-Peretti-Im Gonna Haunt Your Dreams

Okay it’s not a miscarriage of justice. I’ve just been binge watching Brooklyn 99 and loving it. I needed a little break after finishing that novel. During that break I plotted a new novel I didn’t even know I was going to write on top of Spacetress! It’s just going to be a busy time.

I also applied for two more ghostwriting jobs because why not? I also started a group multi-author paranormal novella project where we all write in the same world. So as usual my little pennies-to-thousands brain is turning and giving myself more crap to do!


So once I finish season 3 of Brooklyn 99 I’ll be ready to dive back into working. Yes, I did watch the whole series in the span of 3 days, but I told you I needed a break!

i regret nothing friends gif

So what have we learned from this post?

  1. I love gifs
  2. It’s okay to hate your manuscript
  3. Putting it away so you can look at it with fresh eyes is a good idea for everyone.
  4. Brooklyn 99 is the best show on Hulu right now.

Thank you for reading!